Leadership Contextual Awareness

You’ve just been appointed to an executive position and realize you’re not equipped to handle the uncertainty or complexity.

You’ve been an executive a long time but the complexity and speed of change today is challenging. Rather than hope retirement will save you, you choose to lead.

You’re aiming to be tomorrow’s leader and want to start today. Much of what you’re seeing in the company you work for makes little sense. How can you contribute to ‘the way things are done around here’ without getting sucked into the vortex of conformity.

100% of your effectiveness as a leader relies on expanding self-awareness while working in context.

Format: One on one or Group

Goal: Increase clarity, self-awareness and effectiveness in navigating a different context.  Achieve self-sufficiency using specific awareness raising tools.

Time: Depends. Anywhere from one-two sessions to a 90-day performance results timeframe. Go with your gut.

Contact me to discuss what you need and how fast you want to achieve it. 


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Client Testimonials:

“Dawna Jones is truly valuable and insightful.  She helps connect the Millennial mind and Baby Boomer drive, as businesses continue to define their facility and workplace environments.” – Frank Ellin, Senior Performance Management Analyst, Jones Lang LaSalle


You provided me with non-judgmental, objective, incisive and deeply intuitive, perspective that I could trust in deciding where to take my business next.” – J. Pedder, President, RonaKinetics

“Dawna’s ability to be present and aware of the variables involved in any given situation is impressive. She has a confidence and integrity that highlight her sound advice. Her holistic slant on decision making makes one think outside of the usually thought filled mind. She can and has changed the way I look at my life.” – Walt Aguilar, Performance Coach



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